Thank you for being part of GET WELL DANIEL!

We want to thank you all! For your positive support and your warmth of heart that made the project so special. For bidding and making our last six Sundays to an very exciting thriller. GET WELL DANIEL was a beautiful experience for all of us!

Thanks to all the artists who trust in us and the idea by giving us works for the auctions, without you the power of the project wouldn’t be the same.

In addition to the visible artists and supporters, there were also many silent workers who helped behind the scenes. We would like to express our special thanks to Manu, Katia Hermann, Steffen Schlegelmilch, Matthias Hübner, Tim Kirchner, Jürgen Große, Teresa & Ossian Fraser (Salon am Moritzplatz), Thomas Bratzke, Kadir ‘Amigo’ Memis, Richard Koch, Vivian Eras, Allysa Grace, Wilhelm Klotzek, Coco Bergholm, Daniel Mecklenburg, Mark Straeck, Adam Bergholm, Guillaume, Chicken, Benni, Bilge, Nino, Louise Drubigny, Nele Krüger, Nelly Sedlanic, AKIM, Jo Preussler, Regina, NICK, Nils Müller, Felix Amerbacher, Markus Herrmann, Sascha Blasche, Lutz Henke, Robert Kaltenhäuser and Thomas Korn.

Thank you all so much!

Kind regards,
Steffen Köhler, Matthias Wemke und Markus Mai.

For Daniel the project was a great inspiration and it gave and still give him a lot of energy. He is back on his drawing table! 

© Daniel Weissbach, March 2020